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it's not suprising that she actually did it. i was kinda expecting that to happen anyway. but i really really thank mr baskie for telling me. for one thing, i realise that he understands and he says he is not worried about me. im really happy that he thinks that im quite capable and im on the right track. i really really love him as a teacher. one of the nicest, most dedicated teacher i've ever met in my life. i may not have met many but he is one teacher i will remember.

im quite stressed actually. and coz of that i cant concentrate. im so screwed.

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argh...just woke up coz the phone was ringing....when i finally wanted to answer it, it stopped. i was a lil frustrated but nvm. time to wake up anyway.

yesterday, i was on the phone with 3 different ppl. suet nee, faz, and lina.

suet nee and lina realised the troubles the ed board is having now and they're a bit angry, not with me but with the head of business dept. i mean she has collected so little, it shocked us all...i mean u had 6 months and all you could collect was 3820....ringgit ? i mean it's so clear that she's not organized enough and all that and yet she can blame it on her members....she herself havent brought it anything and she's just not honest enough to admit it.

lyn : did you ask INTI ?
head of business dept : no...but that's coz they're in Negeri Sembilan right ?
may : there's one in penang...
head of business dept : really ?

(teacher walks in...)
teacher : have you asked INTI ? *looking at the business head*
head of business dept : yeah of course !

like wth ? she..she....ARGHHHHH !

im kinda stressed about this money thing so if anyone can get sponsors, pls help me ya ? im really worried now that im not really paying attention to anything else....for example, ppl screaming my name and i just walk past them without saying anything.

faz called me twice. it was a VERY long phone call. we had a bit of an argument, i think and she made me cry twice. have sinned. but we're ok now....between me and least i think we are.

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had to be on duty today for a small tiny photo session with was seriously none of my business but got dragged into it coz mr-i-got-a-diploma-which-makes-me-such-a-great-fish is tooooo lazy and his photography club members didnt turn up ! i was only in charge of a few teachers but he dropped all the lower 6 classes on us !! icon_scream.gif to make matters worse, those newbies at school (the lower 6 ppl) are mostly from chinese school which is not a big prob to me. i look up to chinese schools. they are diligent and all. but there was this girl who was making such a big commotion and she wanted to retake the pic when we were really rushing and we didnt have much time left for the other classes. it wasnt as if her pics were ugly or not nice but she just felt like taking another one. so, i shoo her out of the hall coz she was so darn noisy and you know what she said to me ?

girl : i wanna retake the pic ! *in mandarin*
me : *looking skeptical*
girl : *turns to her bunch of bloody giggling friends and continues speaking in mandarin* HAH ! see ! she doesnt understand a word of mandarin...these girls are all stupid. they only speak ENGLISH !
me : *looks amused and laughs* i speak mandarin if that is your concern. now please leave the hall. dont make my job harder for me.

they refused to get out so some prefect went and shoo them off. i think they officially hate me shit i care. i hate ppl who look down on others. they think they are the only ones that can speak chinese. hullo ? im chinese too. just bcoz i speak more english doesnt mean i dont understand or speak other languages. urgh.

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mou~ im really gonna get it. i gonna get into BITARA. i havent been studying at all. when i mean at all means completely nothing. zero percent of studying. since i have been doing everything to avoid studying, i ended up watching this drama which is superbly OMG nice ! it's called : Nobuta O Produce (if im not japanese isnt that good. especially my katakana) it's one of the best dramas for friendship that i've ever seen. it's sooooooooooooo touching and not to worry, it isnt that sad but it's really funny. of course you must expect a bit of sad scenes ya ? i really like the three main characters especially the girl and Akira. I felt that Kame's character at the start wasnt really what i expected. but i like how he changed after meeting akira and nobuta. i think i like Kame's character better in Gokusen 2 as Odagiri. KAKOII DESU~

im kinda happy that it's exam week. no homework for may-chan !!! dane ! *does wiggly bunny dance* demo, im really worried about this exam. but the way im working on it, it's as if i dont even care about it. urgh, im so hopeless.

for faz : i downloaded the song for you. come online later in the evening ne ? muaks !

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oh god !!!!!!!! PAPER 3s were soooooooo hard !!!! pn azlina is such a liar. now i know she cant be trusted. pembolehubah and only experiment stuff....yeah right. urgh ! i hate her ! i did a silly mistake for biology so i guess im screwed for all the 3 papers.

pn azlina came in and asked if we were going to school tomorrow. no one said anything. she threatened us. if we dont go to school tomorrow we cant have our 2.5 marks...i dont know. it's just so funny. to think she'll go to that extent so that we dont have that miserable 2.5 marks....*rolls eyes* ok ! let's do it ! it's wartime baby...girls ! charrrgeeeeeeeee !!!! *goes over to pn azlina's house and assasinates her*

i'm so sleepy. i stayed up real late and woke up real early. remind me that i should never use the "burning midnight oil" method to study. im such a lazy ass. i always study last minute. i thank god for giving luck every time the exams are here. i guess im running out of luck for this exam though. *cries*

furuba, inuyasha, samurai 7, TPOT, shaman king etc are all showing on tv. but the problem is, it's not that i've watched them all already but they're dubbed in MALAY !!! you know how ridiculous it is to hear Kagome shouting "duduk ! duduk !" (osuwari..!) to Inuyasha.....and the voice actors are a bit crappy. it's horrible.

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woke up later than usual. yesterday i thought i was going to jump down the school tower with gs, siew peng and weilyn but i guess i'm feeling much better today. after a round of good happy songs, i think i'm cured. LOL. so easily cured huh ? i think i'm just going to do my best. no use complaining all day. ( i'll do that the next time i'm having a nervous breakdown ) next week is going to be quite busy i would say.

1. KK day
2. Meeting with the HEM
3. tests
4. loads of homework to pass up
5. notice board stuff

peesh. better get them done soon. i think i need some fresh air. Might go out shopping for a while later. WEEEEEEEEEEE~~~~ i'm so stuck on G.O.D these days. too bad they're breaking up. the concert was so sad. most of the fans were sobbing away. *sobs with them*

gosh, it's time to continue with homework. update later.

p/s : mari-chan,...i am not the school mascot ! *gives murderous glare*

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The holidays are almost over, one day left. Well, at least we'll have a holiday on the 31st since it's Independence Day. Bah, haven't finished my homework yet and everything's still in a pile. Was surprised when weilyn said she went for a surgery. She didn't even tell me. Minor or not, she should have warned us first. Got shocked but since I remembered I talked to her yesterday, guess she's fine. Went to Faz's today. Watched loads of AKG concerts. There were more but we had to go for japanese class. She burned loads of manga for me. I'm so happy. I have so much manga to read.

Weilyn, pls send me NANA from volume 4. I have vol 1, 2, 3 ,7 and 9. Don't ask. These were the only ones available for me to download on direct links.

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It's 3 in the morning. Just woke up and everyone else is alseep. Bored to death. Think I slept too long coz I'm having headaches. Think I'll go watch Trinity Blood. *shrugs* random post.

Livejournal updated ~
Yay !! Finally got time to update my journal. Etto, this entry is especially for Swee Win-chan and  sae_chan ! Your songs and the Tim pic is posted !!! Enjoy ~~~
demo, minna-san, you guys can download too you know !!

pics and songsCollapse )

It's been a busy week. Had to go to school for 4 days when everyone else is having a holiday. Had to do the stupid MSSM buletin for the VIPs. GEEZ. Teachers never understand how computers and printers work. They think that once you command, the printer will straightaway print for you. With that old printer they have, the least they could do was be patient. But no, they just put the blame on us. Like "oh, the girls did this ! the girls did that ! the girls are sooooo careless !" Well, go do your own buletin then !!!!! *rolls eyes*
*sighs* But I don't care anymore coz today's the last day.

Tsubasa Rservoir Chronicles
みんなーさん !!!! I  heard from   sae_chan  that Tsubasa will be on NHK on the 9th of April .

Did anyone watched it ? Do you guys know where I might be able to
download it ?? I so want to watch it after reading the manga chapters !

Nyaa~~  tell me if you know something !!! pls !!

here are some stuff I got from a website about Tsubasa the anime.
Script: Kawaski ヒロユキ

Title: Tsubasa Chronicle
Producer: Bee Train Studio
Broadcasting Station: Nippon Housou Kyoukai (NHK)
Start Airing Time: Saturday, April 2, 2005, 18:30
Director: Koichi Mashimo
Character Design: Minako Shiba
Screenplay: Hiroyuki Kawasaki
Music: Yuki Kajiura
Opening Theme Song: Kinya Kotani
Ending Theme Song: Maaya Sakamoto

Seiyuu (Voice Actors)

Fye: Daisuke Namikawa
Mokona: Mika Kikuchi
Syaoran: Miyu Irino
Kurogane: Tetsu Inada
Sakura: Yui Makino


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